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    On 23. January Zhejiang launched a first-level response to major public health emergencies. A new coronavirus is rampant in Wuhan and even Hubei, and spread throughout the country with the Spring Festival movement.

    A difficult one, P Plus support. At the critical moment of the epidemic prevention and control campaign, the shortage of protective equipment is still a difficult problem in the prevention and control work. Safewell takes the initiative to take social responsibility. The loving material procurement team headed by Chairman Xu Punan of Board of Directors of Safewell and Committee Member Mao Donghong contacted overseas company employees, overseas customers and partners for the first time, responded actively, and participated in the procurement of protective materials Come to work.

    In this epidemic, Safewell donated a total of six batches of protective materials worth 3 million. Volunteer volunteers, mobilized by Mr. Xu Punan personally, rushed to the airport customs and delivered materials to the medical institutions and frontline units of epidemic prevention in Hubei, Beilun, Yinzhou, Jiashan.

   Faced with the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new crown virus, Safewell will continue to use practical actions to faithfully fulfill the corporate social responsibilities, strictly implement the government's deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, and effectively promote all internal epidemic prevention and control work in Safewell The implementation, implementation, and detail of the plan will contribute to the victory of this epidemic of the national war.